The Pond

Pond Life: 9th December
Planned maintenance today to half of the main pond. The second half will be done winter 2022. The ’sump’2023
Phragmites reed left in front of CSO outlet in effort to help ’clean’ any discharge
The stolen logs will be replaced with donated ones as soon as red warning triangles arrive

Second duck tube will be taken down for repairs when time is found…

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Please have your say

The Parish Council has been discussing finance and what monies are available to further improve facilities in the two villages. As you may know streetlighting costs are 30.1% of the available to the Parish Council and this impacts on plans.

The precept (the amount of money available to the Parish Council and collected with the East Riding Council Council Tax) has been increased by £1,000 to allow for predicted increases in grass cutting, streetlight electricity and Ellerton pond continued improvements.

The Parish Council wishes to know your thoughts on what is needed in the two villages so that future financial planning can be undertaken. Other sources of income available to the Parish Council are grants for specific projects eg monies spent on defibrillators and Ellerton pond. It may be that ideas you generate can be made possible by grant applications.

The Parish Council manages the land surrounding Ellerton pond plus 2 fields adjacent to the B1228 which could be developed as wildlife habitats.

Please give some thought to your village and what you would like to see, contact the Parish Clerk or Parish Councillors with your thoughts or attend the next PC meeting at 7.30pm on Tuesday 25 January 2022.

Thank you

Parish Clerk to be contacted at




Hi all,

Thank you for your Survey responses regarding the provision for a Play park in Ellerton, the vast majority were overwhelmingly positive and encouraging. To take this proposal forward, with the Support of the Ellerton & Aughton Parish Council, I am looking to form a Playpark Committee.

The support of the Community is imperative in realising an amazing facility and opportunity for our young people. If you would like to help take the Playpark to the next step by joining the Playpark Committee, please send expressions of interest to:

by Saturday 21st August 21.


Your support is truly appreciated,


Mandi Underwood

Broadband in Ellerton & Aughton

The Village Hall and Parish Council are looking at the poor broadband speeds in the parish to come up with options to improve them. Our East Riding of Yorkshire Council Ward Councillors are aware of our problems and point out that a Cabinet position for Connectivity has been created. This shows the importance placed on the subject by ERYC and the Cabinet Member is currently collating information.

A budget will follow the appointment and this will doubtless not stretch across the problem areas within the ERYC area. The Parish Council has lobbied for improvements and is told that requests from individuals will carry weight as well. Statements from individual addresses are important so they can be checked to ensure they can be included in the future scheme.

The Village Hall is investigating connectivity via Kingston Communications. Whatever route is seen as the better solution, we need to provide the ERYC with requests so that they are aware of the size of the problem, the Parish Council will collate all requests and present them to the Cabinet Member.

If you would like fibre to the door, please would you email quoting your property name, address, current speed and state why you need improved broadband speed to the door e.g. work, school, leisure. It is important that we show that Ellerton and Aughton residents need improvements, lobbying by many is better than lobbying by the few!

Alternatively, please put a note through the door stating this information at Richmond House in Ellerton and 4 Council Houses in Aughton.

Thank you.




Pond in winter

Dear friends and supporters,

After the long lockdown and strangely suspended lives we have all had to survive over the last eighteen months, it feels wonderfully liberating to announce that Ellerton Priory Church will be welcoming visitors once again this September.

Please find attached a flier advertising our Autumn Open Day on Sunday, September 12th, when the Church and churchyard will be open between 10.30 and 17.30. We would really love to see you there, and would be very grateful if you could take a moment to forward the flier to any other friends who might be interested, or print a copy off and display it.

As you know, we have tried to open every year since we acquired the building in the mid-1990s – usually as part of the National Heritage Open Days scheme. Here is a direct link to the details of our Open Day on their website and here is the complete national directory for this year, which is well worth exploring

Please come and join us if you possibly can. The generous welcome, the guided tours and produce, Ellerton’s glorious atmosphere and our excellent coffee will all be as fine and interesting as ever, and this year Michael has promised even more wonderful cakes – lining up perfectly with the national theme of Edible England!

We greatly look forward to seeing you there, and offer our best wishes,

Ellerton Church Preservation Trust

Keeping Up to Date With Information

The Parish Council is very active on behalf of its residents and you are welcome to attend meetings, they take place at the Village Hall @ 19.30 on the last Tuesday of each odd month (i.e. Jan/Mar/May/July/Sept/Nov).

If you would like to be sent information following each meeting to be kept up to date, please request this by emailing 

Please be aware that you will receive a blind copy email that will not compromise your email security.


Speeding in Our Parish


The Parish Council is trying to have speed checks carried out to help fight the problem of speeding vehicles in our villages. It is obvious that as we have cul-de-sac villages, the majority of problems must come from residents and if we all take care then the problems will be eased.

The Parish Council is aware that especially in these Covid times, we have many deliveries and these also present problems with speeding. Parish Councillors are looking at signage saying “beware local children playing, older vulnerable people walking, please do not threaten their lives by speeding”.


If you feel that a delivery driver is driving too quickly then please note the time and date and company and send this information to and we will write to the company asking for more consideration.