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Broadband in Ellerton & Aughton

The Village Hall and Parish Council are looking at the poor broadband speeds in the parish to come up with options to improve them. Our East Riding of Yorkshire Council Ward Councillors are aware of our problems and point out that a Cabinet position for Connectivity has been created. This shows the importance placed on the subject by ERYC and the Cabinet Member is currently collating information.

A budget will follow the appointment and this will doubtless not stretch across the problem areas within the ERYC area. The Parish Council has lobbied for improvements and is told that requests from individuals will carry weight as well. Statements from individual addresses are important so they can be checked to ensure they can be included in the future scheme.

The Village Hall is investigating connectivity via Kingston Communications. Whatever route is seen as the better solution, we need to provide the ERYC with requests so that they are aware of the size of the problem, the Parish Council will collate all requests and present them to the Cabinet Member.

If you would like fibre to the door, please would you email quoting your property name, address, current speed and state why you need improved broadband speed to the door e.g. work, school, leisure. It is important that we show that Ellerton and Aughton residents need improvements, lobbying by many is better than lobbying by the few!

Alternatively, please put a note through the door stating this information at Richmond House in Ellerton and 4 Council Houses in Aughton.

Thank you.